ReadyWise WiseFire Emergency Survival Fire Starter Pouch (2.2oz) #01-625ISF-1-005554

Item #readywise-01-625ISF-1-005554
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ReadyWise WiseFire Emergency Survival Fire Starter Pouch (2.2oz) #01-625ISF-1-005554


WiseFire by InstaFire is a great fire starter. Unlike similar products, WiseFire does not contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, making it a perfect choice for people, food and the environment. An ideal source of fuel for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.



  • Boils approximately 60 cups of water
  • Safe to store - 25 year shelf life and stores safely near food
  • Easy to light - Burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow.
  • Burns “green” - Clean alternative with no harmful chemicals
  • Grab and go - Lightweight and simple to transport
  • WiseFires’s leftover ash is a natural fertilizer-it nourishes the earth.
  • Nonvolatile-no risk for unexpected fires or flare-ups.
  • Optimal fire starter that lights the first time.
  • Store in a cool, dry place to retain longer shelf life and better results







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